Why Choose Clarus

Clarus offers a broad range of services, which allows us the opportunity to be your full-service solutions provider. We offer business solutions ranging from logo and web design to digital marketing and analytics.

We at Clarus understand that our clients are unique, and that all businesses needs differ.  By offering a unique personal communication throughout the development process, you can rest assured that your business goals will be met on time and on budget.

You can rest assured that Clarus is available to help your business every step of the way.

A Client Centered Approach

Our process starts with learning all about your company and your needs.  We'll identify areas that provide an ROI for your business and introduce creative ways to promote your company, improve a process, or market your products or services.

We love to meet in person.  If this isn't possible we'll engage in virtual meetings.

We believe in incorporating an agile process that includes conversations with the client along the way. Conversations and engaging in feedback conversations help advance our projects and keep the project timeline on track.

We'll work with the client to identify milestones and delivery dates that are within the goals of the project.

When the plan is set, we'll begin executing the project.  We pride ourselves on quality deliverable while meeting set timelines.   We follow a standards approach regardless of the type of project we're working on.  Responsive development, accessibility, and good user experience pricipals are an integral part of our process.

Whether we're building a website or sending email campaigns to your customer, we'll design and develop products that "Wow" both you and your customers.                                  

The project doesn't end once we deploy our product.  We like to collect data to ensure we're making the best use of our options.   We can monitor user interactions, page ranks, click though rates, email opens, and so much more.  

Once we collect the data, we use it to help drive future improvements or new recommendations.  


Serving the US

While we primarily serve clients local to Metro Detroit, we have served small and large clients across the United States.  Our clients have ranged in size from small start ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Metro Detroit Devs

We're proud to be located in and serving the Metro Detroit area.  Our philosophy is rooted in our culture.  We embrace performance, grit, and innovation in all we do. 


Let's Start A Conversation

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