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Graphic Design Solutions

Clarus provides clear graphic design solutions to businesses of all sizes. Through innovative design and effective marketing strategies, Clarus provides insight on the best way to connect to your clients.

We create corporate identity and branding through logo design and enriching literature pieces including direct mail and brochures. Specializing in print design, the Clarus design team customizes advertisements formatted for the specific media vehicles they are placed in. Clarus graphic solutions will put your company in the forefront of all competition.

Learn more about Clarus graphic design solutions by visiting the following categories below:

Logo Design  -  Print Design  -  Marketing Media  -  Corporate Identity

Logo Design

Your corporate branding begins with your corporate logo. Designing the look and feel of your business may seem like a small hill to climb in the mountain of building a business; however this task is the most important step in reaching the top.

Your logo will be seen for years to come. It will be placed on letters, buildings, websites, and emails. Clarus can provide the professionalism, personality, and individuality that defines your company.

Print Design

Eye catching ads, engaging publications, and appealing direct mail pieces are success stories of effective print designs. Effective print designs lead to client awareness and ultimately more profit.

In today’s day and age, it is necessary to have a message that stands apart from your competitors. Clarus designers understand this difficult task and are up to the challenge, providing your company with the ad that will catch the eye of your next big client.

Marketing Media

Defining your corporate identity includes developing marketing media that places your company uniquely apart from your competitors. Intelligent literature, innovative direct mail, and other corporate branding pieces are essential in your identity strategy.

With Clarus and the right mix of public relations, advertising, and web presence, your company will be in the spotlight and able to professionally pursue new clients.

Corporate Identity Strategy

A successful business starts with a successful image. To lure the right clients, you need the proper bate. A corporate design strategy will encompass your corporate mission and values into the marketing media your clients view and read. Sending a clear message through the world of cluttered advertisements can be a difficult task.

Corporate identity sets the stage for a successful business by defining your corporate values, business practices, future goals, and ultimately defining how your potential clients perceive you.

Clarus takes these factors into consideration to develop a corporate identity strategy to fit your unique business. No cookie cutter plans are developed here, only ones that provide you with a niche and edge to attract winning clients.


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