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Interactive Solutions

Clarus understands that developing and maintaining your e-business can become quite overwhelming. Clarus offers clear solutions, consisting of a collection of support services to help your organization manage these challenges and grow.

Clarus Interactive Solutions consist of Data Storage Solutions, Network Sales and Support, Desktop/PDA Sales and Support, Technology Instruction, and more.

Let Clarus give your business an edge. Learn more about Clarus support services by visiting the following categories below:

Network Sales & Support  -  Technology Instruction  -  Managed Web Hosting  -  Data Storage Solutions

Network Sales and Support

Building and maintaining a network is a large task; Clarus can develop a plan and work within budget by providing a low cost network solution for any size business.

Clarus understands that business can change, along with your network. We offer a wide range of network support solutions. We also offer extremely competitive prices on Desktops, PDAs, and peripherals through partnerships with companies such as Toshiba, Samsung, HP, and more.

Technology Instruction

Our highly trained and experienced staff can provide your organization with valuable knowledge and training in a variety of technologies. Our staff consists of extremely experienced technology instructors, as well as, MSCE, MCAD and CISCO certified. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

Managed Web Hosting

When hosting a high traffic websites, sometimes renting a server isn't enough. Clarus Managed Web Hosting provides web servers and system administration.

Our managed hosting provides management of hardware, operating systems, applications, E-commerce, security, data backup, disaster recovery, reporting, monitoring, database management, connectivity, bandwidth and load balancing.

Data Storage Solutions

Managing your business's data is always a challenge. Industry studies have shown that companies have to double their storage capacities every 12 months. Clarus can help by developing a storage plan that is right for your company. We offer a variety of data storage solutions including remote storage, and local storage plans.


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