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Web Site Design & Development

Clarus specializes in designing web sites that bring dramatic results to your business. We understand the importance of providing a professional web presence for your business. Our experienced design team implements clean, sharp designs with clear and measurable results.

We provide unparalleled web site design and development by offering a variety of services that allow your business to do what it does best, serve your customers.

Throughout the design process, you will be speaking with a single account manager available to answer any of your questions.

No matter what the project, we at Clarus always focus on providing top-notch web sites that provide fast page load time, simple navigation, and stunning designs that will be envied by your competition.

Learn more about Clarus web site design and development solutions by visiting the following categories below:

Dynamic Web Pages  -  Informative Web Pages  -  Managed Web Hosting  -  Expedited Web Design

Dynamic Web Pages

Is your web content always changing? By providing dynamic web content, you can rest assured that your website is always going to be up to date. Our dynamic site design focuses on providing a wealth of information you your clients without overwhelming your business with web content input.

We also specialize in e-commerce design. Our web design team will implement desired e-commerce services such as Shopping Carts, Database Design and Development, Inventory, Invoicing, Buyer profiling, promotions, and more.

Informative Web Pages

Sometimes you just need to have a simple informative web site. We understand that every business has specific needs. Some businesses may not need to utilize technologies such as shopping carts and buyer profiling. These companies simply need to provide their customers with clear, valuable information.

Clarus provides fast and effective design solutions for businesses of all sizes by delivering a clear and professional message through the use of vivid graphics and well structured web pages. Clarus also offers expedited web design solutions. In some cases, we can develop a site for your company overnight! Contact Clarus today for more information.

Managed Web Hosting

When hosting a high traffic websites, sometimes renting a server isn't enough. Clarus Managed Web Hosting provides web servers and system administration.

Our managed hosting provides management of hardware, operating systems, applications, E-commerce, security, data backup, disaster recovery, reporting, monitoring, database management, connectivity, bandwidth and load balancing.

Expedited Web Design

Business changes daily, and so should your web site. Clarus offers expedited web design for businesses that have critical time constraints.

In some cases, we can develop a fully functional web site for your company overnight! This service is great for businesses that need to capitalize on new events promptly. Our speed and quality will amaze you.


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